Pernyataan visi Prodi Sistem Informasi STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto adalah “Unggul dalam Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Berbasis Technopreneur di Tahun 2019”.


Information System discipline has a field of study in integrating information technology solutions with business processes so that the organizations needs for information can be met. Stressing on information as a critical resource in production, particularly in relation with needs of corporations in achieving the vision and mission launched. Learning important aspects of how "information" is created, processed, and distributed to all stakeholders in the institution. Curricula should be emphasized on how to ensure that technology and information systems owned aligned with its business strategy in order to create a competitive advantage in competing (the value of information technology to the business). The scope of Information System as a very broad field of academic study which includes concepts, principles, and the process includes the following: (1) the acquisition, deployment, management and strategy of information technology resources and services; (2) acquisition system package or system development, operation and evolution of the infrastructure used in the process of organization. Information System provides information and communication services in an organization that combines both technical components and users. Information System captures, stores, processes, and delivers the data, information and knowledge. Information System in an organization has a broad responsibility to plan, develop or acquire, implement, and manage the information technology infrastructure, data, and information processing system. The technology used can be centralized or distributed systems that are mobile. Information Systems graduates must have technical knowledge about computers, communications, and software. It also must understand the organization and function within the organization (administration, accounting, financial, marketing, operations, human resources, etc.). Understanding the concepts and processes to achieve organizational goals using information technology. Another thing that needs to be mastered the ability to analyze business problems, communication skills, and teamwork skills.

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