Informatics Engineering discipline has a very diverse field of study from a very theoretical and algorithmic, to which is highly applied such as the development of robotics and intelligent systems. Divided into three main sections (1) Focus on theory and algorithms used in the design and implementation of software; (2) Focus on theory and algorithms used in the process and the design of hardware systems and components; (3) Focus on theory and algorithms that are used as mathematical models in solving certain problems. Informatics Engineering curriculum is very thick with knowledge related to mathematical logic, computation and algorithms in the model expressed its application in the development of a computer program. The characteristics of Informatics Engineering graduates have the ability to consider the idea of iteration / looping in developing software. Graduates generally have a definition of the concept and the use of iterations in software development and be able to write a program iteration correctly. Understanding iteration of the program as well understanding several methods for iteration and can appropriately choose suitable iteration for different applications.

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