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As an institution of higher education is fully committed to developing science. To support the mission of each half of the budget allocated for the procurement of books is quite large because the book is a source of knowledge which is the main source for the development of science and technology. Collection of books we have are generally classified into two, namely the books that are used to support the course of daily form of book training courses and textbooks for students and reference books both Indonesian and foreign language that are used with the aim of advancing the science and technology. In this library the sophisticated books are available therefore every year we bring books from publishers to supplement the library collection.

Collection of books and CDs owned by the library STMIK AMIKOM is is added every years. In addition to collection of books, the library STMIK AMIKOM also provides a collection of Thesis Students, Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals of AMIKOM. Indoor facilities are such as air-conditioned, book search computerized, network LAN computers which are freely used by students to the learning process connected with Internet network and CCTV cameras for security.

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