15 Meaning and Symbol of STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto


A. The Symbol of College STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto has a symbol which is depicted in the form of: a. The symbol of the center in the form of crown formed from 5 pieces of flower.
b. In the center of the symbol there is a circle that links between crown
c. The writing of STMIK is located on the upper side of the central symbol corona
d. The writing of AMIKOM is located on the underside of the central symbol corona
e. On the outer side of the top posts STMIK AMIKOM there are two pentagon.
f. The writing of College of Management and Computers is located in the upper left side of the curved towards the upper right side of the two pentagon, the writing of Purwokerto is located under two Pentagon between the two stars.
g. The outermost side there are two Pentagon.
B. The meaning of shapes and images of the symbol of STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto
a. Crown symbolizes the crown of King of Mataram Sultan Agung which is the biggest king in Java. STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto also wish someday STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto will be the largest college in Java, because the largest in Java means also the largest in Indonesia.
b. The direction of Crown symbolizes enlightenment and illumination to the public in the fields of science, technology, and arts and represents the spread of Tri Dharma College results in all directions.
c. The symbol of Crown is formed of 5 pieces of flower which symbolizes the birth month of STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto.
d. The circle that links between the crown symbolizes the cog of STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto that to be the largest in Indonesia it takes constant effort throughout the academic community in STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto
e. Pentagon symbolizes the Pancasila state basis.
f. Star symbolizes achievement.
C. The symbol of color
The meaning of color of the symbol of STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto:
a. White, a symbol of purity, for the crown symbol, the writing of STMIK AMIKOM and the basic color of pentagons located on the outer side.
b. Blue, the symbol of constancy role in enforcing the rules of science, for the basic color of pentagon that wraps the crown and line color of pentagon
c. Red, a symbol of courage, to the writing of the High School of Information Management and Computer and the two stars
D. The symbol STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto is as follows:



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