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The learning process begins with a mission to introduce students to life outside academia. For example, organization, business, community with residents around the campus, and others. Students as the next generation must be able to balance themselves to live as individuals and social beings, the lecturer who teaches the mindset, the college management that teaches bureaucracy, accompanied by the campus security is also a janitor who becomes the facility is inseparable from any activities there. The existence of student organizations such as the BEM and the Student Senate to the smallest units such as the Student Activity Unit (UKM) is very important. One means of self-development is real and can be felt directly by the students are the elements of the campus as a place to channel the interests and talents as well organize. Campus organizations, students either directly or indirectly molded into one that is capable of critical thinking, social minded, responsible, and many other positive things. Condition which is ideal for college students is the condition of the campus that is able to force the students to comfortably learn and keep learning. To realize it requires a synergy of the entire academic community in STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto environment.

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