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Student organizations are student activities that are non-academic and extra-curricular activities which are intended to channel the interest and aptitude, reasoning and science, and entrepreneurship as well as a condition of weeks to get a scholarship. For that STMIK Amikom Purwokerto not only focuses on purely intellectual potential, but the potential of the others is also explored and developed so that students can do well at the level of regional, national or international. STMIK Amikom believes that during his studies students need different container activities to channel their talents and interests. Based Education Minister Decree No. 0457/0/1990 dated July 26, 1989 on General Guidelines for Student Organizations in Higher Education and Education Minister Decree No. 155 / U / 1990 on General Guidelines for Student Organizations in Universities. Student organizations in STMIK AMIKOM consists of the Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Senate (SEMA) and Student Activity Unit (UKM). Student organization in STMIK Amikom Purwokerto includes:

1. BEM: Student Executive Board
2. SEMA: Student Senate
3. MIPL: Informatics Student Environmental Care
4. KOMA: Community Multimedia
5. Assem: Amikom Fond of Art and Music
6. AAC: Amikom Animation Club
7. IMAM: Muslim Students Association Amikom
8. AFC: Amikom Futsal Club
9. Intermedia EXCOMINFO: Information Technology Research and Multimedia

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